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International and Foreign Governments: News and Viewpoints

IGOs, NGOs, Foreign governments


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Please note that some of these are subscription bought and must be used in the library or accessed off-campus with a Colorado College id.

IGO News

View of USA

The Decline in America's Reputation Why? 

  • House Foreign Relations Committee's Subcommittee on International Organizations, Human Rights and Oversight
  • 2008 Congressional report on America's International Image

Democracy and Human Rights 

  • Publications about the U.S. government, democracy, and human rights;
  • intellectual history of democracy and what makes the U.S. government unique
  • see how federal, state, and local governments are organized;
  • how executive, legislative, and judicial branches operate;
  • and how nongovernmental organizations influence government policy.
  • Read about the origins of human rights, women in politics, the civil rights movement, and elections. (Department of State)


World Public Opinion

- polls taken around the world on current issues

- organized by region and topic


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