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International and Foreign Governments: Country Sites

IGOs, NGOs, Foreign governments

Foreign Government Sites

List of foreign governments - alphabetical, not all in English


Constitute: the World's Constitutions

  • to read, search, and compare the world's constitutions
  • broswe by country for PDF and Html versions

Country Info

Government Sources

Other sources

Specific Countries

North America


Government of Canada, and Government of Canada Web Archive, and
Industry Canada, and Statistics Canada


Mexico Government Links
Presidency, Mexico - Presidencia de la República
COMDES (Council for Economic and Social Development)


United Kingdom

History of Parliment, and UK online Citizen Portal (includes bills, laws, and debates from 1993+),
British Government Publications (1994+) and BOPCRIS (Parliamentary papers, Session papers, and reports from the House of Commons, 1688-1995)

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