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Political Science: Databases with primary documents

library and other key resources in this discipline

Databases with Primary Sources

Some of the Tutt Library databases containing primary source materials. See also the drop down under books for other sources.

What is a primary source?

"Primary source"
describes material that is closest to the person, information, period, or idea being studied that was created in the time under study



  • an artifact, a document, a recording
  • new scientific data, results, and theories
  • official reports, speeches, pamphlets, posters, or letters by participants, and official election returns
  • records created by organizations, such as registers of births, tax records, charters, other legal documents, etc.
  • eyewitness accounts, oral interviews or documents created by a person with direct knowledge of a situation
  • diaries, films, biographies, leading philosophical works, scientific works
  • fictional sources such as novels or plays
  • physical objects like photographs, newsreels, coins, paintings or buildings

Secondary sources:

  • cite, comment on, or build upon primary sources

Note: a primary source may at times be treated like a secondary source

Selested Data Sources