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Political Science: LC Classification

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LC Classsification for Political Science

Tutt Library, 3rd floor north

J General legislative and executive papers

1-981 General legislative and executive papers
    80-87 United States
    80-82 Presidents' messages and executive papers
100-981 Other regions and countries

JA Political science (General)

 27-35 Societies, Congresses
60-64 Dictionaries, Encyclopedias
71-80 Theory
81-84 History

JC Political theory

11- Theory, theories of the state
     47 Oriental state
     49 Islamic state
     51-93 Ancient state
     109-121 Medieval state
     131-273 Modern state
     311-314 Nationalism. Nation state
319-323 Political geography
327 Sovereignty
328.2 Consensus. Consent of the governed
328.6 Political violence
329 Patriotism
 348-497 Forms of the state
571-605 Purpose, functions, and relations of the state

JF Political institutions & Public administration

  51-56  History
225-619 Organs and functions of government
251-289 Executive. Heads of state
331-341 Parliamentary government
491-619 Legislation. Legislative process. Law-making
799-1177 Political rights. Political participation
1338-2112 Public administration

JJ Political institutions (North America)

JK Political institutions (United States)

501-868 Executive branch
631-868 Civil Service - departments 
1012-1432 Congress. Legislative branch 
1606-1683 Government property and purchasing

1717-2217 Political rights. Practical politics
    1758-1761 Citizenship
    1846-1929 Suffrage
    1965-2217 Electoral system
2255-2391 Political parties
2403-9593 State government 

JL Political institutions (Americas)

1-500 Canada
599-839 West Indies, Caribbean
1200-1299 Mexico
1400-1679 Central America
1850-3899 South America

JN Political institutions (Europe)

1-97 General
101-9689 Specific countries

JQ Political institutions (Asia, Africa, etc.)

21-1852 Asia
200-620 India
1070-1199 Central Asia (with former Soviet Union republics)
1499-1749 East Asia (with China, Japan, Korea)
1758-1852 Middle East (with Turkey, Arabian Peninsula)
    1850 Arab countries
    1852 Islamic countries
1870-3981 Africa
3981-3986 Atlantic Ocean islands
3995-6651 Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Ocean islands

JS Local municipal government

55-68 History
141-163 Executive branch.
171 Legislative branch
221-227 Elections.
241-271 Local government other than municipal
300-1583 United States
1701-8490 Other coutries

JV Colonization. International migration

1-5397 Colonies and colonization
   61-152 History
   500-5397 Colonizing nations

6001-9480 Emigration and immigration
    6021-6033 History
    6091-6124 Emigration
    6201-6347 Immigration
    6403-7127 United States
    7200-9470 Other countries

JZ International relations

24-38 Societies, associations, institutes, etc.
221-1153 By region or country
1305-2060 Political theory. Diplomacy
    1329-1395 By period
    1400-1454 Diplomatic and consular service
    1464-2060 Scope of international relations
3674-3875 State territory and its parts
    3685 Boundaries
    3686-3875 International waters
4835-5490 International organizations and associations
    4841-4848 Political non-governmental organizations
    4850-5490 Intergovernmental organizations
5511-6300 Promotion of peace
     5587-6009 International security, Disarmament
    6010-6060 Pacific settlement of international disputes

6360-6377 Non-military coercion
6385-6405 Armed conflict
6422-6422 Neutrality
6530 Humanitarian aspects of war

LC Classsification for Law

Tutt Library, 3rd floor north

K General. Jurisprudence

48-58 Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Quotations
109-133 Law societies, Legal assistance
140-165 History of law
201-487 Jurisprudence. Philosophy and theory
520-5582 Comparative law. International uniform law

   1401-1578 Intellectual property & Copyright
  1700-1973 Social legislation - Labor, Welfare
2100-2385 Courts
3154-3370 Constitutional law
3400-4375 Administrative law, Regulation
4430-4675 Public finance

 4720-4780 National defense, Military law
 7340-7512 Commercial law

KB Religious law (comparative)

KBM Jewish law
KBP Islamic law
KBR History of canon law
KBU Law of the Roman Catholic Church

KD-KDK United Kingdom and Ireland


KDZ America. North America


KE Canada


KF United States

KF 1-9827 Federal law. 
KFA Individual states
    KFC 1801-2399 Colorado
KFX 1-9999 Individual cities, A-Z 

KG Mexico and Central America West Indies. Caribbean area


KH South America


J-KKZ Europe


KL-KLW Ancient Asia and Eurasia


KM Middle East


KN-KP South Asia


KQ-KT Africa


KU-KW Pacific Area and Antarctica


KZ Law of nations

24-62 Societies, Conferences, etc.
1249-1327 International law
5510-6299 International law of peace and peace enforcement


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