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Political Science: Comparative Politics

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Getting Started with Comparative Politics Research

Comparative Politics 

   is a systematic study of the world's political systems that touches on a broad range of topics within several diverse frameworks of study.

  It seeks to explain differences between as well as similarities among countries, explores patterns, processes, and regularities among political systems in an effort to develop general propositions that describe and explain these trends.

Reference works about comparative politics 

Some Journals for Comparative Politics

Journals are available electronically unless noted. 
Start on the Tutt Library homepage and use Find Journals for links to electronic access. 
Current paper issues are located in the Garden Level of Tutt Library. Request volumes for back issues from Creekside. 

Administration & Society


American Journal of Political Science


American Political Science Review


Annual Review of Political Science


British Journal of Politics and International Relations

Paper back-files
v.5, no.2-v.9 (2003-2007)

Commonwealth & Comparative Politics


Comparative Political Studies


Comparative Politics

Current until covered in JSTOR, check the catalog

East European Politics and Societies


Ethnic and Racial Studies


European Journal of Political Research




Government and Opposition

Paper back-files 
v.1-43 (1965-2008)

Hamburg Review of Social Sciences


International Affairs


International Political Science Review


International Political Sociology


International Studies Perspectives

Paper back-files 
v.1, no. 2-v.8 (2000-2007)

Journal of Comparative Politics


Journal of Democracy


Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development


Journal of Politics


JCMS: Journal of Common Market Studies


Legislative Studies Quarterly


Nations and Nationalism


Policy Sciences



Paper back-files for 2010-2012

Political Communication


Political Studies


Politics and Religion


Politics and society


Political Research Quarterly


Public Administration Review


Social Movement Studies: Journal of Social, Cultural and Political


World Politics