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Economics and Business: Thesis


Thesis Resources

  - Guidelines, Template, Previous Theses

APA Citiation help

Thesis Submission Form
Libguide for thesis submission

Technical Statistical Coordinator

Van Wagoner

B.A., Economics, Colorado College,
May 2013

He is available for help
in the economics lab in Palmer Hall.

Phoenix Van Wagoner


Economic Thesis @ CC

1. Paper

  • 2009 and earlier thesis are located in paper in the Library in Tutt north basement against the west wall
  • Search TIGER: use search terms with "economic thesis" as part of keyword search
  • Browse North basement stacks under "Econ T." 

2. in the Digital Archives

Tutt Library, Colorado College      Research Help Desk: 719-389-6662, Texting: 719-387-5441, E-mail: