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Economics and Business: Economic Indicators

Federal Sources

Federal Reserve Banks

  Financial data     Indicators:
  • interest & exchange rates,
  • money stocks & components,
  • debt measures, and corporate debt.
  • bank assets & liabilities, official reserves
  • household assets & liabilities
  • Industrial production & capacity utilization,
  • money stock & debt measures,
  • aggregate reserves & monetary base,
  • bank credit, consumer credit,
  • interest rates & bond yields
  • FRASER: Federal Reserve Archival System
     - historical economic statistics and data from publications including:
      All Bank Statistics,
      Business Conditions Digest,
      Economic Indicators,
      Survey of Current Business,
      Business Statistics, and more.
  • Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED)
    -  economic time series
  • Liber8 -Federal Bank information, aimed at students.
  • EconDISC - Data distribution services of the Fed
  • Beige Book Archive , 1970+ - report, published 8 times/year,
    • summarizing current economic information
      interviews with key business and market experts & economists
Bank Data and Statistics Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
  • Specific banks, branches, and the industry.
Federal Reserve Board: Statistics & Historical Data
  • Statistical releases and historical data
  • interest rates; exchange rates
  • U.S. reserve assets; assets and liabilities of commercial banks in the U.S.
  • money stock measures; consumer credit; and more.


Helpful Links 
Regional economic data
(supported by the Economic Development Administration, Census Bureau Census, and Commerce Department)  
- excellent link to historical US and international economic data

econ indicators

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