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Blogs & Podcasts

There are lots of blogs and podcasts. Here are a few.

  1. The Big Picture: Barry Ritholtz, Wall St. money manager, consistently pokes fact-based holes in received wisdom and popular opinion.
  2. Real Time Economics: a Wall Street Journal blog sifting through the numbers to find what matters
  3. DealBook: Andrew Ross Sorkin and crew are a great source for all the deals and the news that’s going to impact the deals.
  4. FT Alphaville: view from Europe; outsider perspective on the U.S. and insider sources for news and perspective about Europe
  5. Zero Hedge: international economics; these folks doubt everything—in a good way
  6. Naked Capitalism: Views things more from the Keynes side, but facts and not ideology are the driving force
  7. Mish’s Global Economic Analysis: Mish Shedlock, a registered investment advisor, is as good as it gets when it comes to finding the key facts, stories or stats in far distant lands
  8. Econbrowser: Analysis of Current Economic Conditions and Policies


  1. NPR’s Planet Money : for those who know a lot about economics and those who know nothing at all about it
  2. EconTalk -hosted by Professor Russ Roberts at George Mason U., who goes deep into a top with interesting hour-long conversations on a particular topic.

News Sources

Newspapers Guide

Colorado, USA, International, Historical, and Current News

Nexis Uni
  - Coverage: 1977 -
  - popular press and newspaper articles
  - also contains law reviews
Business News :
- Supplemented by Regional Business News
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Specific Titles

See current issues for:
  • Bloomberg
    Global business and financial news
  • Business Journals
    Business news aggregator
  • Economonitor
    Blogs published by international geopolitical, economic, and financial thinkers.
  • Fast Company
    Aims to inspire innovative and creative thought leaders who are inventing the future of business.
  • Forbes
    Global business news and articles for business owners
  • Inc.
    Small business ideas and resources for entrepreneurs
  • Motley Fool
    Financial, business and consumer news and trends
  • New York Times
    Business section of the NYTimes.
  • Reuters
    Global business, industry, and financial news
  • Yahoo! Finance
  • Company news and financial data