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Race, Ethnicity, and Migration Studies: TIGER

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Books on the same topic often have similar call numbers. 

Many books on Race and Ethnic Studies begin with the Call number GN495.

GN495.4 - GN496

Societal groups, ethnocentrism, diplomacy, warfare, etc.
GN502 - GN517 Psychological anthropology
GN537 - GN550 Ethnic groups and races
GN550 - GN674 Ethnic groups and races by country

For a complete list of call numbers by subject area, check out the Library of Congress Classification Outline


The fastest way to find books is to search TIGER by keyword or subject:

Search TIGER for
  • Use broad keywords from your class reading to begin your search.
  • Refine searches by adding keywords.
  • Once you find an interesting book, click on the subject headings in the cataloging record to find similar materials.

For more ideas on creating effective TIGER searches, use the Advanced Search page and review Ten TIGER Catalog Tips.

Keyword Searching

Use the Search Generator from Northwest Missouri State University to help you create a keyword search. 

                        Using AND/OR/NOT (Boolean Search Operators)


Use AND to focus search and combine different aspects of your topic.

Example: vegetarianism and environment

Use OR to expand your search and find synonyms/related terms.

Example: global warming or climate change


Use NOT to exclude a word or phrase from your search

Example: emissions trading not United States


Additional Search Tips

"Phrase search"  - Use quotation marks (" ") to search for a particular phrase.

Example: "greenhouse gas emissions"

Truncation * - Use an asterisk to find variations of a word. Put an asterisk following the root of the word to find all variations of that word, including singular and plural.

Example: environment* (finds environments, environmental, environmentalist, etc.)

(Grouping/Nesting Keywords) - Use parentheses ( ) as a way to group all your search terms together.

Example: (climate change or global warming) and population growth

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