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Music Subject Guide

Copyright Aids

Use the genie to determine whether a work is under copyright.  Links for other  information provided.

See this page for more information.


Information on using music in student performances, etc.: (see the performance rights section) (see public display, displays and performances in face-to-face teaching, and displays and performances in distance education sections).

Best Practices in the Fair Use of Copyrighted Materials in Music Scholarship, presented by the American Musicological Society

Miscellaneous Resources

Dartmouth Jewish Sound Archive- "....a web-based collection of recordings related to Jewish music, culture, society and history. Still a work-in-progress, the collection has grown  to include folk songs and theater pieces, cantorial readings, stories and songs for children, speeches, music by Jewish composers and historical recordings, among other items.

Musical Acoustics Research Library  MARL consists of the research materials from acousticians around the world who were dedicated to studying different aspects of violin making, which make up the Catgut Acoustical Society papers, and the archives of three prominent wind instrument acousticians of our time, John Backus, John W. Coltman, and especially Arthur H. Benade,

Additional Online Resources



Online Access to the Histories of Cinema, Broadcasting, and Recorded Sound

Performing Arts Encyclopedia
Explore music, theater, and dance at the Library of Congress

New, 9/12: 

Show Music on Record
A searchable database based on the book by Jack Raymond

Show Music on Record provides a reference list of recordings of songs from American shows (and of foreign shows that played in America) as performed by members of original, revival, and studio casts. Included are shows produced for the American stage, screen, and television, as well as foreign musical films that played in America.



Early Music Online

Early Music Online is a pilot project in which 300 of the world’s earliest surviving volumes of printed music, held in the British Library, have been digitised and made freely available online. You can browse the digitised content in Royal Holloway's digital repository.

Some of these electronic music journals have free access!


   The entire recorded Mozart opus for free download in wma format.

Music Librarian

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Music Sack!

The Music Sack is a database of factual data about people involved in music and the activities they have been involved in.

LGBTQ Music Scholarship

Cumulative Bibliography, and links to other resources from the LGBTQ Study Group of the American Musicological Society.

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