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Tutt Library Research Guides


Federal Government Resources: SuDocs

Help locating what Tutt Library houses along with selected internet resources.

What is SuDocs?

Superintendent of Documents Classification


… is a classification system used for materials printed by the federal government
… groups together publications by the same governmental agency or department

Note – this is a different system than is used for other materials at Tutt Library!


Need help with citations?

Citing Guide (University of Memphis)
- very detailed

Guide: Citing U.S. Government Publications (Inidana University)
- nice list of types of sources

Census Bureau Citation Suggesions

How SuDocs Work

How doeis it work?

 - Basic Explanation (Michigan State University)

 - Finding on Shelf (Colorado State University)


SuDoc Rules

1. Not Decimal

SuDoc Order Decimal (LC) Order
D 1.1: D 1.1:
D 1.3: D 1.12:
D 1.12: D 1.122:
D 1.33: D 1.3:
D 1.122: D 1.33:

Read SuDoc as a whole number.

2. Years, Letter, Numbers order

A 1.35:998 EP 1.23:997
A 1.35:R 42 EP 1.23:A 62
A 1.35:r 42/998 EP 1.23:91-44
A 1.35:R 42/2 EP 1.23:600/998-103
A 1.35:321 EP 1.23:600/R-98-23

Before 2000, the 1 in the year is dropped and only 3 digits are used.

3. Slashes and Dashes

C 3.186: EP 1.23:
C 3.186/2: EP 1.23/A:
C 3.186/7: EP 1.23/A-2:
C 3.186/7-3: EP 1.23/2:
C 3.186/9: EP 1.23/2-2:

Base number followed by a slash, then numbers in order.

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