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Federal Government Resources: U.S. Legislative

Help locating what Tutt Library houses along with selected internet resources.

Congressional Bills and Resolutions (Full Text)

Congressional Bills and Resolutions

Legislative Histories and Bill Tracking

United States Code (USC)

- is the law "as amended" divided into 50 titles (not all of which are currently in use)


Code of Federal Regulations

  • Administrative rules passed by agencies
  • Codification of general and permanent rules published in the Federal Register

Federal Register


  • Federal Register bowser for tracking regulations

Congressional Materials

Congressional Record

- is the proceedings of the U.S. Congress; there were several preceding titles.


Historical Documents

Century of Lawmaking for a New Nation: 
U.S. Congressional Documents & Debates, 1774-1873

  • full text of the 1st through 42nd Congresses
  • Congressional Record (House Journal, Senate Journal and Senate Executive Journal, Annals of Congress, Register of Debates, & Congressional Globe)
  • Statutes at Large
  • also documents on the Continental Congress and constitutional debates (1774-89) in the Journals of the Continental Congress, Farrand's Records of the Federal Convention of the Federal Constitution (Elliot's Debates)
  • selected documents from the US Serial Set.

National Constitution Center

  • “disseminate information about the United States Constitution on a non-partisan basis"

Subscription Databases

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