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JA130 Japanese Culture: Kanji, Hiragana, and Katakana

Make Your Computer Japanese Capable

Christopher Bolton’s Japanese for Your Mac Aimed at students, teachers, and general users who want to read and write, etc., in Japanese. Includes information on activating Japanese support globally in Mac OS, as well as specific tasks and applications, such as e-mail, web browsing, dictionary software, etc.

Japanese Input on Windows XP Covers how to setup Japanese in Windows XP Pro, including handwritten kanji recognition and making Japanese the default language.

Installing and Typing Japanese on Vista / Windows 7 Visual guide describes how to set region and language options, add a Japanese keyboard, and type in Japanese.


Japanese Word of the Day Word of the day appears in Kanji, Kana, Romaji, and English.

Kanji Alive (University of Chicago) Tool for helping beginner- and intermediate-level Japanese language learners to read and write kanji.

Kanji in Mangaland (North Basement PL528 .B47 2007)

Kanji Practice (Dartmouth University) Designed to help learners master reading and writing. Each kanji character has a brushstroke image, video clip showing stroke order, and sample sentences with audio clips. Includes print variations and English translations.

Kanji Site Choose from kanji, hiragara, or katakana. Each lesson or “batch” has 30 characters. Click on a character, and you’ll see its meaning, level/grade, and sample uses. Site also has random testing for evaluating your progress.

Mainichi Kanji Japanese character of the day. Flashcards for practicing Kanji.

Hiragana and Katakana

Adventures in Japanese (Third Floor Curriculum PL540 .P479 1998)

Hirigana Katakana Game If you beat the clock by picking the pair of hiragana and katakana that share pronunciation, you’ll advance to the next round.

Japanese: The Written Language (North Basement PL528 .J59 2006)

Learn Games for learning and practicing alphabets, numbers, and vocabulary.

Real Kana Practice by selecting characters and typing in the English-language equivalent.

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