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JA130 Japanese Culture: Dictionaries

Make Your Computer Japanese Capable

Christopher Bolton’s Japanese for Your Mac Aimed at students, teachers, and general users who want to read and write, etc., in Japanese. Includes information on activating Japanese support globally in Mac OS, as well as specific tasks and applications, such as e-mail, web browsing, dictionary software, etc.

Japanese Input on Windows XP Covers how to setup Japanese in Windows XP Pro, including handwritten kanji recognition and making Japanese the default language.

Installing and Typing Japanese on Vista / Windows 7 Visual guide describes how to set region and language options, add a Japanese keyboard, and type in Japanese.

Online Dictionaries

Denshi Jisho Displays Japanese character equivalents with stroke order, sample sentences, Kanji details, and external links.

Kanji Networks Easy-to-navigate etymology dictionary includes a stroke index, list of word families, and daily quiz.

English Japanese Online Dictionary Free dictionary has 10,000 words (fee-based 21,000) plus audio podcasts, crossword puzzles, Japanese pronunciation, and more.

Print Dictionaries

501 Japanese Verbs (Reference PL585 .L3 1998)

Dictionary of Basic Japanese Sentence Patterns (Reference PL619 .C49 2000)

Kanji & Kana: A Handbook and Dictionary of the Japanese Writing System (Reference PL679 .H28)

The New Nelson Japanese-English Character Dictionary (Reference PL679 .H33 1997)

A Reference Grammar of Japanese (Reference PL533 .M28 2004)

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