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JA130 Japanese Culture: Find Books

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Japanese religion, history, art, and cinema: 

BL2195-2228 Religion – Japan
DS801-DS897 History – Japan
N7350 Japanese Art (History)

  • ND1040-1055 Painting
  • NE1310-NE1326.5 Prints

PN1993.5 .J3 Japanese Cinema


Japanese language and literature begin with PL:

PL501-699 Japanese language

PL525.5 History of the language

PL532.5 Grammar

PL677.5 Japanese-English character dictionaries

PL679 English-Japanese dictionaries

PL700-889 Japanese literature (authors are arranged alphabetically, A-Z, in the following periods)

PL793-795 Early Edo 1600 – 1788

PL793.4 Chikamatsu

PL821-843 Showa period 1926 – 1945

PL839.A7 Tanizaki

PL885-889 Local literature

    Use Tiger to find books & more at Colorado College

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    Tiger, the CC library catalog, will tell you what we own (books, DVDs, CDs, etc.) or subscribe to (journals, databases, etc.) at Colorado College. It will not help you find articles in journals.

    At the beginning of Block One 2017, books will not yet be available for you to browse and check out yourself. You can continue to use the red "REQUEST ITEM" button in Tiger, and you will be able to pick the book up at the Tutt Library circulation desk ion the first floor later that day, or the next day. The library website has more information about requesting books, including the schedule

    Find Books: TIGER, Prospector, and WorldCat

    You have access to books from three sources -- TIGER, Prospector, and WorldCat:

    • TIGER includes all of the books owned by Tutt Library 
    • Prospector gives you access to books in 22 regional libraries
    • WorldCat lists library holdings nationwide

    Delivery Times

    • Prospector is 3-5 business days
    • WorldCat (Interlibrary Loan) takes 5-10 business days

    If you have questions about any of the catalogs, feel free to ask me or the librarians at the reference desk for help -- that's what we're here for.

    Yes, We Have E-Books

    In the TIGER Catalog, you will find e-books as well as print books.  Sometimes, when you open an e-book, it will ask you for a log-in.  You will need to create one.  Then you should be able to access the full book.  A portion of the books can be printed. 

    You should be able download the book to most e-readers as long as your e-reader has Adobe Digital Editions installed.  See E-Books at Tutt Library for directions.

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