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Asian Studies Senior Thesis Seminar: TIGER

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Browse the Shelves

Books about Asian Studies are often shelved within other subject areas, such as art, politics, and literature. Once you find a good book in the stacks, browse the shelves for similar items.

For a complete list of call numbers by subject area, check out the Library of Congress Classification Outline.


The fastest way to find books is to search TIGER by keyword or subject:

Search TIGER for
  • Use broad keywords from your class reading to begin your search.
  • Refine searches by adding keywords.
  • Once you find an interesting book, click on the subject headings in the cataloging record to find similar materials.

For more ideas on creating effective TIGER searches, use the Advanced Search page and review Ten TIGER Catalog Tips.

Search Strategies

Goal How To Example
find a phrase Place quotation marks around a group of words "Japanese Literature"
broaden a
Use an asterisk (*) at theend of a word to search for variations of a word at one time
Japan* searches for Japan, Japanese, etc.
search for
AND searches for items that contain both keywords Japan* AND literature retrieves documents that have both words
OR searches for items that have at least one of the keywords "Japanese poetry" OR Haiku pulls items with either word
stop a keyword
from showing
up in results
NOT excludes items with a specific keyword educat* NOT secondary means that any items with the word Europe will not show up in the search results
look for words near one another
use "near" in between keywords Japan* near poetry 

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